Amazing facts of historical places

This belief is not true that the research of science has happened in the last few centuries. Before that, the man used to walk like other forest animals, and, as it was, to fill the stomach and tan cover. The development of language and education also happened shortly before. From this rendering, modern centuries can only boast of their intelligence and give credit to the previous people as much as possible, that they knew how to do agriculture and to make animal cooking, burning fire and making tools of some metals.

But the situation is not such. Man’s past is not so poor, nor is our present being so intelligent and resourceful, which can be attributed to his extraordinary pride.

Events such as ice age and sea breezes have occurred many times due to which the situation of the ground changed. The nature of the continents became somewhat and the ratio of intelligent people decreased. Excessive Natural Conditions When It Comes It is not a realization that any one of them is the beginning of creation.

Examples include examples of some centuries and millenniums ago that still exist to challenge modern scientists if they are not more then tell the basis and theories of these constructions how it could be possible.

The historical places of our country have been explored that it was built for the observatory in ancient times. According to an archaeological heritage here, this planet was created for the observation of stars and the purpose of the observation point in the land survey.

Mr. J. of the Archaeological Department of India B, who is also the custodian of Q, informed about the fact that there are many line holes on different layers of the spherical tower, which are light holes, which are used to get light from different types of piles.

When light rays fall on any hole in the constellation of a star or house, the exact picture of the line hole on the opposite wall can be seen, it works the same principle. For example, the point of the sun can be studied, which is as follows – four holes on the earth floor, four holes on the fifth floor and the top of the mainline pivot tower.

Explaining how Q land can be helpful in the survey, he said that Q can easily be a situation due to its location because it is parallel to the magnetic posterity, which is in the north of the 28-degree Equinox and its Expectancy It is that every year (June-June) does not depose its shadow. Surveys such as a mandatory point are connected. Q can be used as a ‘cross-staff’ or ‘cross-staff’ located in the land surveillance of the ‘light bulbs’ or the tower, point of view.


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