Benefits of spiritual discourse in life

While traveling in the Su Forest Territory of Anan Des, a Huntsman hunted down the forest. The accompanying bodyguards immediately cut off the head of the Huntsman.

When the body of the prince body reached the capital, it was a frenetic blow. King-Queen became so vociferous that they gave up food, water. Sitting sleepy and drying in a few days. The members tried to quench the conclusions, but the mourning was not in any way reduced. The king’s liver was drowned in the bereavement of the supreme prince.

The situation started to falter when the situation of the king worried, and the question of security came out.

Theorists raised the responsibility of announcing the King to Sh. He invited Raja to the people related to the incident and sought to know the reason and punish him with a new sentence in front of the king and agreed to it.

The soul of the dead Huntsman was called by divine efforts. He said – ‘I am innocent. Thinking of deer I started the arrow. Prince’s death was dragged and brought to the path of my arrow. The culprit is death.

The soul of death was called, he said no fault of mine. According to karma, everyone has to live and die of happiness and sorrow.

Karma Deities are called They say karma is done by the body but it is the root. That happens only by the inspiration of the soul. The defect is of the soul.

The prince’s soul was called, he said – ‘An antelope was killed by the desire of the person to eat meat in the former life. Deer was supposed to take vengeance, so he came out as a hunter and repaid. Failure to resolve the defect in the conspiracy. This was found guilty in a true sense.

By listening to this story, the king’s conscience is awakened. They have experienced that everyone is related to the ideals of their resolutions. So, this is understood to be why the tragedy of futility is to be done.

To understand the essence of Gaya’s great spiritual discourse, it will have to pay attention to its third stage. In which Dev prayed that they should purify all of the intellectuals. Or fill the motivation to adopt the right direction. This is not the only prayer, but it also can increase the morale of the worshiper, strength of spirit and intellectual. Who has the opportunity to benefit from this welfare? It should be understood that the future of its future becomes bright.


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