Confidence is the biggest factor of success

Among people counted in world, calculations of wealthy, powerful and confident three are counted. The importance of the three is more than one in one. The people’s vomit sees the reversal and the biggest wealth counts the smallest strongest person. That’s why people say what is the use of god devotion or idealization? Those whose prudent wisdom is careful, they do not say that. They count the greatest of the souls because they believe that the reward of excellence is most important and most important. great people of world are only calculations of souls. strong one is greatest and that is in the highest benefit.

Buddha, Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, etc. have been very strong. Whatever work they needed in their hands, the property was not incomplete. If cooperation is expected, then it also rains from the sky. Infinite reverence he received: As a result, there was no shortage of wealth and power for the works done. Why was it not acquired by him? Their huge reservoir stuck with them and got deposited. If they earn themselves, they have to do acts of dirty duty for them.

Ego and misbehavior will not have resulted in the acquisition of public reverence. All the life goes in the acquisition of those, then where do they come from the ability to do those great things? After making them, they became blessed and after passing in their boat, they crossed the eyes.

Money is big but not bigger than nobility. After getting Gandhi and Buddha, country was done unjustly. If such a person wants to buy something, he not be bought in a hundred thousand. Money can increase your comfort. Strength can be enjoyed by the strength and rubbing can be done on small-nuts. But they did not become a great man with the help of them.  Not be able to change the lifting of the country, time and atmosphere. The bigger the work is, the more power it requires.

Self-power is the biggest. Behind him, the wealth, the power, the glory, the virtues of virtue are going back. Gandhi does not call any poor. Even if we had 96 pounds of weight, British government was shocked in front of their power. For Dharma Chakra Enlightenment campaign that Buddha initiated, one hundred thousand qualified an ascetic got ready to walk on their gestures and complete everything. Such examples show how big the power to be. For this, we need to wake up our connoisseur of intelligence.


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