Divinity saves us from misery

Our eyes see it coming! As Divine ran to save us from the trap of miseries, he has been walking like a zigzag arrow, mounted on the eagle to save the human being in the face of Satan.

Enough is enough. Man has been stumbled. The fingers are broken. The knees have been torn and have been sent down with such a force that the soles of blood are closing from the head. Drank out of issues Pali Posey’s body was shattered due to issues. There is a pain in the vein, there is no power to shout, now he is groaning slowly while lying in a state of depression. Due to his force, he became insane and considering the mountain as a trifle, was preparing to take the sky in his fist. Today that force is crushed. The pride of the yard was broken after suffering from miseries, the destruction of the great war drama has crushed the human item. By the time these lines are written, there has been huge destruction of the world and even more, terrible tragedy is going to happen. The person has trembled with the injury of this misadventure, his eyes are now open and understood that no matter what I do and do not take care of him, there is no such thing. When a very jumpy boy insists on the insistence on ignoring his mother, the mother leaves him to stumble. Now that injury is very painful, it is no less to bring it to the senses.

The kind mother does not remain silent after this injury, she runs and rubs the son’s ointment. Calls to him rub him on the chest, explains the loss of heartburn and preaches that son! Do not do this now. Leaving the truth towards untruth, leaving love and attachment, leaving justice and injustice, when human instincts turned, day and night fell fourfold. Today she reached the place where it is infinite. The stone dropped from above comes down and continues until the collapse path is left, the collision falls from the bottom as soon as the collapse path is over and crumbles with a big word. Is. Today, insecurity collides with the last step and the Deity is present in humanity.

Man is made of divine elements, he has to live as a deity and he has to live as a deity. At least in this virtuous land, that divinity will remain intact, this Turlock of thirty-three deities cannot keep rotting in the punk of sin.

Cold bridge of the dawn period is enlightening the awakened souls to make them rise and impressed by that speech, numerous sages of the sage blood are rising and pleased to sacrifice their blood virtue in the foundation stone of the era. The face is up.

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