Dreams are based on fantasy

Many such phenomena in dreams are present in the form of a movie, which is a sign or a message for the future of dreams for the dreamer. The film itself has its viewers and actors together. He is impressed with his memories, he sees such phenomena in which the ghost has not yet happened in the present, and also sees the imaginary place in it. Dreams are based on fantasy but dreams are beyond emotion and control. They are sometimes strange and genuinely provable, not as real as daily life. Thus, due to this mysterious nature of dreams, it is natural for every person to come to such a variety of questions – where do these messages come from? From your brain? By any divine power? From the invisible world?


Most are usually creative. Its evidence is also found in the modern era. How many poets saw poetry lines in dreams? Writers get the plot. Musicians heard the rhythm of the music. Scientists have been exposed to the truths of their problems. Perhaps it is the result of the analysis of ideas and the unconscious daydream. These results sometimes show the unique creativity.


The legendary poet of English literature, Samuel Taylor Collie, left the opium freezing up the third in the form of a sub-sedative. He used to say these last words before sleeping- ‘Here Ku Khan had ordered to build a palace.’ When he got awake after three hours of sleep, three hundred rows of poetry in his mind were inscribed. All the imagination of the poem appeared in the dream. He neither had to make any effort for them nor was there any excitement in him.

Waking up, he started writing this famous poem titled ‘Ku Khan’. He wrote 54 lines that during this time a visitor came to meet him. After an hour, he sat down to write again. But by then the dream of his dream had vanished. So, remembering a hundred thousand times, he could not write the remaining lines of dreams.


In the 18th century, musician Tart in Italy also experienced the creativity of the dream. He had written that ‘Ku Khan’ should not be given credit for the writing of a poem without the collateral. They also had a dream. In the dream, he gave his violin to the devil. That devil had given a unique tune to him. They were very impressed with him. Upon waking, he tried to remove the words of melody from the violin. That sound was named ‘The Devil’s Sonata’. He considered it his masterpiece.


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