Health cannot be bought from wealth

Considering the progress and decline of life, it has to be divided into three parts. An outpatient that is called splendor and glamour. The egoists keep focusing their attention on this and success evaluates the failure on this basis.

The other side of life is the body, which is related to health. Physical and mental too. Those who have been suffering from unhappiness during the coming days – those who are harassing and shaking are poor or poor. The correct position can be known by asking the same in Devoted Fugitive. Whose stomach does not function properly – which leads to a slow down of dyspepsia. The cold keeps on. The head is different.

Sleep does not come complete when compared to the rich in such persons, the outsider can only say what is lacking to the merchant. Big fortune is. Ten people believe in rob. The outside eyes are able to see so much, so their point is right. Talk of stomach, head, what do they know? To understand it, it needs some deep-looking eyes. In addition to review, there should be a real intelligence that decides that one of the two will be lost, without which the work will go.

The work will continue, even if a person who is a healthy, strong, deep sleeper, is not possessed. The outside people will say anything but will be happy in their own right. No one will have to study. Physician doctors will not have to walk around the door. If you are sick, you will not have to do whatever you want in earnings.

Lack of property or excess produces glare in the eyes of that outside. They are also affected by it. It is his job to count the fortune and fortune. As far as personal life is concerned, it relies on health. He sees his eyes, tests his intelligence. Feel your sensation.

The life in which these statements are discussed, the one who is seen in the eyes of others and by which the ego is filled. Second Personal Life – Body Life with which features, health, long life, happiness, strength, beauty, etc. are attached. Which of the two should be given importance? The answer can be that if you want to see with the eyes of the outside, then the wealth and importance of health is to ask your experience. Poverty can be accepted by staying healthy. Health not be bought from Wealth, but a healthy man can work hard and sit in a community of wealth.


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