Importance of meditation yoga in life

What is working method of unconscious mind in physical field? After understanding initial details of it, it is easily understood that Otto Names Nurse System (Autonomous System Body Sympathetic Brunch). Sympathetic branch. How to operate body’s self-governing system.  Frying, which controls ventral system, releases stimulant chemistry. He takes brain messages to neurons. Similarly, stimulation of nerve cell reaches and effect of hormones produces desired circulation.

Along with this, hypothalamus starts its work and produces necessary movements in desired areas. In this work, there is a special role in bio vaccination. In this involuntary methodology, when desired power is used to attach to disease prevention, then its reaction is similar, as stimulation is generated by injection of chemicals.


miracles of imagination universe are extraordinary. entire process of meditation yoga runs on this basis. Many yogis make extraordinary strides in blood flow in heartbeat. In state of mausoleum, almost reach condition of dying. There is much such yoga that increases breath-taking action and blood-stimuli in extraordinary form. horizontal fluid of diseases in this storm-storm goes somewhere else. Flooding flows through this flowing-wires-flowing somewhere and their community gets disrupted and becomes deformed. This condition has been considered exceptionally useful for prevention of disease.

How realistic is this possibility? It can be well-known and readable from related device. This imaging method has been used by Department of Medical of Washington University of School. And it is beneficial in a low incident such as cancer.

Yogi makes medium of Goddesses in their experiments and assures patient that he is getting grace of some divine power. deeper and condensate patient’s beliefs, benefits also come surprisingly. This belief process has a very important role in practice of attacking ghosts of demons from attack to elimination of demons. Chanting and killing Mohan, exorcist has been used in India for a long time.

In that area, it is still considered as grace of magic miracle or goddess god. But reality is that simple process of cerebral flux is used based on resolution power and concentration, so that faith becomes fruitful. This fact is now being certified on a scientific basis. It is not realization that it is realism, it is proved by patients who were deemed desperate or distressed but based on aforementioned meditation, they would be fortunate by retrieving their lost health.

Dedication used to worship in worship or religious rituals and presented as much miraculous form as it was. Now, in new meditation process, white blood cells are collected as a meditation by meditation and medicines are collected for prevention. This scientific self-treatment should not be surprisingly natural.


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