Music play crucial part in human life

Music is not composed of verse composition only. There are numerous sounds in it. These sounds are created not only for giving sweeteners to the ears but given the effects of the waves which are spread by them. Their spiritual feelings also have intangible purposes. They also have the qualities of physical and mental health promotion. They are also used for medical purposes. There was also an objective in the order of sacrifice serials that he used to sing mantras in the sound of which the sacrifice was being performed.

Knowledge of this school is very rare now. She has become endangered. His scientific refinement is being renewed and it is being seen as to what sound waves are affecting humans, on animals, on vegetation, and the environment. In the last century, Deepak Raga, who burns the lighted lamp, the rain, the deer that obstruct the clouds to rise the clouds, the ant chanting the chanting of the animals, and the serpent is forced to take out the bill Snake raga was very popular in doing. Now the snake charming snake is left with snakes.

Scientists have extracted sound flows that give the milk animals more milk than the wavelength. Crops grow more quickly and grow more The wars of war were also of a special kind before. The band still produces warlike ideas in the soldiers, especially on special sounds.


Songs are sung on special sounds in the deities to express devotion to devotion. Organizing the songs of prostitution, the kings used to live here. There is still the trend of such dance songs in hotels.

Now the new use of music has begun for medical purposes. Japan is at the forefront of these experiments. In America, it has also followed. Some sound waves have proven to be particularly beneficial in mental diseases. His particular reward has also been noticed in fixing mental disorders and blood pressure problems.

Some doctors have performed such surveys together by psychologists and musicologists that in which type of sound flow is proven beneficial. Music therapy is becoming an independent science-based on this basis.

Many hospitals in western countries are using music with medicines. Many doctors treat with the help of pure music and say that this system is so strong that it can alone produce surprising returns. There is no need to increase their credit by including the drug with this.

Dr. Lu of Munich has created a music hospital especially for the mentally ill patients, in which not only is the treatment of diseases, but also based on sound special, their cavities are also removed.

Psychiatric medicine Peter Neumann and Michael Sander jointly launched such a hospital, in which a musical instrument has been included in the treatment of psychiatrists. It has been more successful than ever before.

Russian scientist Prof. S. V. has just started this test. But with the experience so far, they have come to believe that music therapy is especially beneficial for neurological disorders.

Dr. Ben’s music experiment in Chicago’s psychiatric hospital has been very successful. Dr. Warden and Brooking have seen a good effect on musical therapies at the time of operations.


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