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Famous -2 newspapers of Vienna published dialogues indicating the success of Mesmer. Many of the nominees honored Mesmer with his new founding principle by giving him a certificate. Similarly, Wald, chief teacher of Munich Science Temple and Ben, a mathematics teacher, also praised Messer’s astonishing medical practice. Wald was paralyzed and Berne’s eyesight had waned, but Mesmer recovered his lost health by seeking medical help.

In 1775, Mesmer wrote several letters to put the major schools of Europe in order of subject of Mesmer, but unfortunately, no school accepted this suggestion. Our homeland priests and scholars of Germany also followed suit in believing its method as a ghost. Hence, in 1778, Mesmer left city of Vienna and moved to Paris. exact reason for her leaving Vienna is difficult to say. It seems that the competition of the propagators of the different medical practices hindered his path. First, he lived in the neighborhood of the poor in metropolitan Paris. In 1779, he published an essay on the research of attraction power, in which he revealed his 27 theories.

It is not to be said that this succeeded him in his intended endeavor. In the beginning, a well-known doctor there declared his preaching path to be flawless by declaring his unwavering faith in doctrine of Mesmer. Gradually patients and students started appearing in greater numbers. Many of them got into the habit of falling asleep and the work grew so much that Mesmer felt the need for a clever assistant. With the aim of enchanting many patients at once, he created a special device called ‘Be’ – more than 30 humans could be captivated by this device simultaneously. The description of this device in an English book is as follows:

“A wooden box was placed in the middle of a huge room, around which a cloth curtain would be hung; through which weakened lines of light could come. Several vials were placed on glass and iron filings in bottom of the box in such a way that their upper part was towards the midpoint. These vials were immersed in water. There were many small holes in the lid of the box. In which wrought iron rods were trapped, the patients were holding these sticks and holding each other in their hands and were made to sit around them. Only then would the room reverberate with the sound of the piano or harmonium — sometimes singing with the playing action in which the chirp of the patients sitting around was focused on singing.


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