Self respect is first priority of life

In the medieval period, people could not resist the cruelty of the feudalists, but at least they would have condemned the back. He treated the sadness of these stories with those courtesies that he admired. To fulfill this purpose only a special class became known as a bard and used to make poems in praise of his asylum seeker. They were told in the court and the award was received.

In those days there was also a true poet gang. They used to do poems, but they were irritated by false acclaim.

Once, Emperor Akbar summoned the poets’ conference and fulfilled the problem of ‘Akbar’. On this, other poets made poems for the praise of Akbar and received the awards and received the award. The poet did not disobey the invitation and went to that conference, but was unwilling to give false acclaim.

The King said to Gang- ‘You also have to fulfill the problem. He said, do not expect me to give false praise. I am a realistic one. Even if you are satisfied. ‘

Poetry was written and narrated by poet Gang, in which it was described by Akbar and his atrocities committed by his ancestors. Such courage and nobody had fallen. Akbar was burnt to death after listening to his condemnation in the court.

He was punished under the elephant’s feet for giving crush.

Poet Gang was also aware of such a possibility. Many people gathered to see this death penalty is implemented. The King himself also came to see that the poet became very fearless. See whether it is fearless or not at the time of death.

Poet made a poem before death and narrated it to all the present. The trained elephant stood ready to do his job.

This poem had a beautiful fantasy, it was said that ‘Gods in the paradise of the people called a poet convention. All were present and their poems were recited, but the poet Gang was not summoned in his court. They had a sense of self-respect. ‘

Then the gods should think of calling the self-respecting Gang and sitting on their back and sending some wise god to bring paradise to the people. Whatever can do for this, it is possible. He sent the elephant to bring the poet and bring him on his back.

The elephant was crushed by the elephant to the poet But they were cool in their imagination till the death. He called death to save the invitation to heaven and protect his self-respect.

The spectators, including the king, were amazed at how such great pain as death can also result in how a happy person can transform into a happy dream.


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