Some bizarre paranormal incidents

Russian psychologist Leonid Vas has mentioned a woman who used to be a resident and was completely uneducated. There was such a rage from 7 to 9 in the evening that two hours of such speech was done in Latin language as if someone can only be highly educated.

Demon often come in the backward society of India. Then they are deemed to be hypocritical, but the United States not say any such hypocrite to the artists involved in the film industry. Many of them have lost their lives and they fully believe in the truth of the actual events that took place in their experience. A woman’s Sam was killed in house no 10050 in Sidra Al Drive. The voices of his people still hear the neighbors. Many more people were killed with him. Their spirits also live in same house. No other person would allow him to come and stay in that house. Days after above accident of house, actress Harley and her husband Pele rented house, within a week, her husband was found dead in that house.

Similar incidents have happened in the Hollywood area too. In the Oxford house No. 921, Rita had an opportunity to live with her family. He saw dancer dancing in that house and immediately vacated house.

The valet bought for themselves a magnificent house in 1925. Named after him- Falcon laser. In this house, he has a strange experience, never in the dream, ever awake. Every time the house has been called to evacuate, but it does not make him leave the beautiful house. Eventually he died within a year.

The same thing happened to another film artist. He had left his wife. To avoid this sorrow, he took a small, but scenic landscape full of beautiful houses. He thought he would be able to settle in it. But exactly the opposite happened. Those people who had died before that house were gathered there and became habituated there. They did not want anyone to stay there and disrupted their cleanliness. Rudolph did not want to leave him. First of all, the miscreants who used to stay in it deemed to be the best of their mind. Behind the phantom philosophy, those who understood the understanding, but there were scary acts in that house. One night he slept good. On the second day was found lying dead on bed.

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