The beliefs about soul

A few days before the famous writer George Verna died, a Canadian woman named Pat fell in love with her. He also got a child from them. But marriage has not been read in legal writing. She used to tell her the jewels of women’s jewels. The appearance of the son was very similar to George’s.

Pat had reserved a room for George Verna’s soul in his house. When the soul came, many people heard their blurry appearance and slow voice. Georges made such literature from the painting of Pat, who had the collision of his famous literature.

Like a California-based engineer Robert, in connection with a ghost, he made new designs of many machines and started his architect work. He used to make such maps, seeing that the well-wishers of that topic were also surprised.

A dead person in France, Anne, made a practice of music and dance that he was considered to be the most accomplished artist of his time in these arts. Earlier, she used to wear clothes for the chest. Her previous interest in singing was not even the same. But in a dream that night the soul promised to teach those arts. At the appointed time, he came to the reception and he started his practice without the help of any teacher.

There is no one to tell or correct the mistake. Whatever he learned he learned in his closed room The new hawk buys it at the very own sayings of that soul. New sounds are taken under the guidance of the same. In some time he started to be considered unique in his work. From the forums he went to, he had good income. Within a few years, she became a noted artist, not a tailor.

An Austrian resident shopkeeper came to the charge of the Holy Spirit of a Hebrew language. He could have operated a simple French language. He did not know religious subjects. But when the Hebrew language scholars went to the conference, in this way the sermon, as if the ancient texts of Christianity, would have become stubborn.

There is also a science of cooperation with the dead. Those who become habituated to it. After doing meditation, they can make useful conversations with the dead people and can obtain such counseling and cooperation that are contingent and are called miraculous. Occasionally without cultivating such goodness, even merciful souls are found in collaboration with them.


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