The imagination about supernatural thing

It appears that the soul is bound within the boundaries of one body but it has also been seen that it can penetrate the scope and enter the other body. The incidents of ghosts presented by deceased souls can be seen many times. Even after being able to solve them, they can also be redeemed. But sometimes in the surviving state, such incidents have been seen occurring. This type of reversion doesn’t need to be introduced to the general. When this type of charged person starts doing different types of work than his ordinary ability, then it appears that there is no additional charge on it and being affected by its effect, it is working which not be done in normal conditions.


Swami Vivekananda, when he went to America as a representative of India at the All Religions Conference, he was feeling very hesitation in presenting his subject in front of so many educators, but he realized that the soul of Swami Ram Para came upon him like Shiva’s hair Gang had landed in From my meditation, even for a moment, the meditation of Para is not removed. Consequently, not only in the Dharma seminar but also in other countries, it was able to deliver such speeches that the well-educated people of that country were amazed.

Shankar’s book was from Mandan. In it, Mandan was defeated while his wife qua said that half the body is still left. You have to do a lot of work as well. Qua asked for questions related to work ethics, who asked for six months to answer the Shankar did not know. They entered the dead body of a king. Raise the King They received information about the work story in that body and returned to their protected bodies. Then he resolved qua questions. This experiment was known as Perak Entrance.


In the 1967 Arab-Israel war, an Israeli soldier was in hospital in an injured condition. He used to mess up in the unconscious state. When he was discovered, he came to know that he speaks the Chinese language which he never had. It was good to know that in the same battle, the soul of the dead Victor Sam had entered his body. Sam knew the Chinese language Even behind that soul remained in the same injured body. Both souls used to work together with the same body by sharing and distributing.


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