The ultimate significance of seed

The significance of that seed is that it grows and becomes a tree with flowers and fruits. His melting does not become insignificant. He produces thousands of seeds like himself every year. This is called descent-growth The great men also melt like seeds and make their small size so huge that many people get to rest in the cold shade and make birds nest and happily accompany their family.

Great people are like a capable seed. The significance of their melting is being tested these days. Whether they were single or not, they succeeded in dipping their descent or flavored whole of malvasia from their plant like a garden. Your ambition is similar. We both have the same level of affection these days too. It has not increased but has increased.

No resolution has been failed for all the duties and resolutions of their duties and resolutions till today, then the determination of elimination of the final resolutions, and the promotion of proverbs will remain incomplete, no one should fear such fear.
Meditation I.e. self-correcting. For this, we have to relax the bonds of greed, attachment, and ego. In these, the man becomes greedy, collective. Surrounded by poverty, indecision, and anxiety. If they can be restricted, the spirit of ‘world is my family’ can be celebrated, simplicity, gentleness, and humility can be adopted, then there will be no one who can not live according to his circumstances. Where there are love and affection, it is difficult to live in selfishness and sin.

The more readiness we have in God, the more purity and the intensity will increase. Greats did not have to do anything separately for their self-restraint, sin, and faults; they kept their excellence and ideality so firmly that selfishness and sin could not reach them, which they would kill, Stopping or running The family will also have to do the same. By trying to remove faults and defects, they will climb too much. To make us forget them, we must adopt the goal of excellence in such a dignified and emotional way that the mind is not able to remain empty and there is no opportunity for the devil to enter it. When the light becomes dark, darkness disappears. It is difficult to get rid of sins by stabbing him with a stick. If we are to live a holy life, to get rid of the faults and faults, we should get involved with the true mind and sure resolution in our endeavors. The problem of self-determination will be solved instantly in this way. As far as the direction of worship is concerned, the cultivation of self-purification will be easily followed by the same proportion.

Information about worship should be done these days, it has been reported from time to time to vigilant Vivekwanas and it has been said that misery is the cause of misery. The distraction of thinking is the root of innumerable problems. Insect mud worms worm worms grow and many skin diseases arise when blood is toxic.

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